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The Waterford Marching Band is proud to present to you their 2011 Show: "A Link To The Past: The History Of Gaming." The show is comprised of 4 Video game themes including titles such as Star Fox, Super Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy, and The Legend Of Zelda. The show takes us back for a musical look at gaming's rich history. Field Commander Maggie Kroll leads the band for the 2011 season.

Band Members

Field Commander
Maggie Kroll

Roxanne Hardman

Dru Stephan
Janelle Pugh
Daniel Espinoza
Travis Hamrick
Nadine Lowery
Roscoe Hardman

Gabby Canterbury
Janice Whalin
Cassie Cowan

Electric Bass
Seth Tullis

Katie Wagner

Jessica Coulter
Shailah Howard

Alto Saxophone
Megan Whalin
Jocelyn Semon

Tenor Saxophone
Jocelyn Semon

Jenna Stephan

Baritone Saxophone
Tiffany Holland

Mr. John Laswell

Guard Advisor:
Lucy Duff

Show Arranger/Percussion:
Tim Herrick

Waterford Wildcat Pride Marching Band
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